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Rabu, 23 Maret 2011

Mega Millions Winning Numbers: Rises To $304 Million For Friday

On Tuesday night, the mega millions drawings produced NO winner. The Mega Millions Winning Numbers were 01, 14, 35, 50, 53 with a Mega number 43. No one won the $244 million jackpot thus meaning that the Mega Millions jackpot for Friday’s drawing will rise to at least $304 million.

However, 26 lucky participants won the $250,000 prize for matching all five numbers but NOT the mega number. Five of these twenty-six players are from California (CA). They will each get $297, 525 for their “hard work”. This difference is due to the lottery system that is currently being used in CA. It’s mainly based on the numbers of participants in the drawing.

Just only for the 10th time in history, this Friday’s drawing (March 25, 2011) will crack the +$300 million mark. If the projected $304 million jackpot still holds true (which may increase due to demand), the lump sum cash payout will be around $194 million. This will make the current drawing the sixth biggest jackpot in MegaMillions lottery history. If no one wins Friday’s drawing, I expect the jackpot to grow to at least $365 million (lump sum cash value of $200 to $230 million)!

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