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Jumat, 27 Mei 2011

‘American Idol’ Champ Scotty McCreery

Scotty McCreery is the new "American Idol", result was announced Wednesday night. "It was a tight race... last night's show was just, it was just so amazing, [Lauren] sang like a bird last night," Scotty told Access Hollywood's Shaun Robinson after Wednesday's big "American Idol" Grand Finale.

"I don't know how America voted, I'm glad they did, but I'm sure it was tight," he continued.
Scotty said he was unaware of reports that surfaced Wednesday afternoon that predicted he would take the "Idol" crown.
"I stay off the Internet," he told Shaun. "‘Cause some people love you, some of them hate you, so it can tear you up inside. So, I try to stay away from the Internet, but I hadn't heard that."
The 17-year-old also told Shaun he knows his win is a signal of major life changes - possibly even with the ladies.
"It's going to be crazy, I mean I've expected, it's been changed for weeks now I guess," he said.
"Oh, you mean the women have changed?" Shaun asked.
"Yeah, I mean, it wasn't like this back home in Garner, [North Carolina] before the show," Scotty said. "[Girls,] they were tough on me back home."
"So it's a little easier now right?" Shaun continued.
"I hope so, you never know," Scotty added.

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