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Kamis, 19 Juli 2012

Dwight Howard or Andrew Bynum: Who is the Better Acquisition? Fan Question

With all of the talk that has surrounded the Los Angeles Lakers and their supposedly imminent deal to acquire Dwight Howard from the Orlando Magic there has also been talk surrounding the other major piece of the trade, Andrew Bynum. As things stand right now -- with the Cleveland Cavaliers in the picture -- the Cavaliers would acquire Bynum, Anderson Varejao would end up in Orlando and of course the Lakers would acquire Howard. However, to some Laker fans, it appears as if getting rid of Bynum and taking on Howard is a big mistake.
Those comments and suggestions really got me thinking about who the better acquisition actually is and why. So without much hesitation, let's jump right in and decide who the better acquisition is:

Pros and cons of acquiring Dwight Howard

On the positive side, the Lakers would be acquiring the best big man in the game - something I have no doubts about. Howard joining the Lakers would automatically push Los Angeles to be counted as the favorite to win the Western Conference, if not the 2012-2013 NBA championship. To put it simply, Howard's physique and skill are unparalleled. On the negative side, you have his issues with his back. That always seems to be everyone's concern when discussing Howard but he hasn't really missed much time with an injury of any sort in his career. In his eight years of experience, he has played in 621 of a possible 640 games.

Pros and cons of acquiring Andrew Bynum

When looking at Bynum, he certainly has the size to play center in the NBA. His body type reflects that of Shaquille O'Neal rather than the muscular and slim-waisted physique of Dwight Howard - perhaps making him less durable depending on how you break it down. However his physical body affects his career is far less relevant to his general attitude. Being big is one thing, but if he can't play smart and play the game as a professional it could take a toll on Bynum's career. Bynum has the talent and potential, but it is his negative outlook that I think holds him back from truly unleashing that potential. Maybe a change of scenery will do that or perhaps it could send him into a deeper state of apathy.

And the verdict reads…

Dwight Howard. 9.9 times out of 10 I'm taking the Magic's big man to be the center on my team. He may have his moments of indecisiveness and selfishness when it comes to his contract and where he wants to play, but his on the court attitude is of the no-quit variety. Besides, Howard bests Bynum in nearly every category statistically. Which means just one thing; Dwight Howard had better be on his way to Los Angeles if the Lakers want to become a contender for years to come - even after Mr. Kobe Bryant hangs up his sneakers.
Food for thought: Bynum or Howard? Which player do you take as your starting center? Is it even a close call or does one player absolutely blow the other out of the water?
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