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Rabu, 01 Juni 2011

Top 10 List Travel Destinations of 2010

Every year announce some destination which are best for travel, I collect and arrange some of them which is so beautiful and perfect for destination which are as follows.

01: Bay Fire, Tasmania

Bay fire is one of the best destination for travel and it is a perfect island. It is clean, crystal water and sandy beaches these things shows the best from all.
02: Basque Country, France and Spain
The Basque country is one of the perfect travel destination during vocations. France and Spain both have number of beautiful scenes and areas for destination but on the other hand Basque Costa is amazing place for the tourist for entertainment.

03: Chiloe, Chile

Chile included in those countries which has traditional ghost stories and it is full of nature and culture which increase its position for destination, the people who wants to travel for amazing and beautiful place so I will suggest to go chile.

04: Ko Tao, Tahiland

Ko Tao is in the region of Thailand, it included in those place which are so amazing, beautiful scene, groceries, and incredible location, in my opinion this the top place for travel, because number of best resorts for residence available there.

05: Languedoc, France

France is rich of beautiful places, green location and number of amazing places, so the Languedoc is a perfect spot for travel, because it is full of entertainment and lovely hotels, dinning restaurant available there.

06: Nam Ha, Laos

Nam Ha is a destination for those people who wants to enjoy during vocation because this place is traditionally, naturally and culturally perfect for tourist.

07: The Big Island, Hawaii

The big Island which is in the origin of Hawaii is one the best place for travel in vocation because it is affordable area, the beaches is filled by lava waste which shows a beautiful scene for the tourists.

08: San Andres and Providencia, Colombia

San Andres and Procidencia is a place where you can spend you vocation days with full of enjoyment, because there is marine life and you can do fishing, diving etc. Colombia has not a good repute but san Andres and providencia is perfect place for travel tour.

09: Svalbard, Norway

If you like the place where should be a cool temperature and polar boad then you should go Svalbard, because svalbard is in the region of Norway and no one can deny the fact that Norway is a rich for tour opportunities.

10: Yuunan, China

Chine is big and developed country and it has number of amazing place for tour but yunnan is on of the best place for tour, there are beautiful scenery of natural environment , and this is the ultimate Asian hot spot

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