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Jumat, 10 Juni 2011

Top 4 Worst Type Of Facebook Status Updates

“I hate carrots” – an acquaintance added as a friend on Facebook had this status update. I read it, and thought, “Who cares if you like or hate carrots. The crappy status updates people have”. I mean seriously… people actually take the time out to publish useless words! It’s just a “Whole lot of nothing!” . Status Updates on Facebook are to convey a short message to our friends about what is on our mind at the moment, but some of these status updates seriously fall into the classical category of being substandard, that is, that they are read by the public, but dismissed as being a waste of words.
Here are Top 4 worst types of status updates – read by the eye but dismissed by the mind!

Top 4: Inspirational Wisdom

Example: “Success is a journey, not a destination”
**Yawn** – Anyone understood what that means? Some Facebook users have a deep understanding of the mysteries of life and believe that everyone will attain Nirvana if their piece of advise published in the form of a status update is followed properly. Its too bad Facebook wasn’t available to Buddah or Socrates.

Top 3: Quotes

Example: “Every man dies. Not every man really lives” – William Wallace
Really? I wished I had figured that out earlier… then perhaps i would have learned to “live”. Well, like Inspirational Wisdom, the Quote is a short burst of universal truth being passed on to you. Whether you understand it or not depends on whether you are in the mood to read a quote. Oh, and one more thing – you end up wondering whether the person putting down the words of wisdom actually lived the quote to the fullest or not.

Top 2: “Being Mysterious”

Example: “Riding on a wave of self-loathing. If only you could understand. None of you ever will.”
Another example: “Don’t you just hate it when certain ‘best friends’ turn out to be your worst enemies?”
Such kind of status updates just ask for sympathy. They will have a number of comments, in which their friends will ask them “What Happened?” or “Why so sad?”
I read something like that and I start to wonder who the message is being conveyed to? Who is this “best friend” who turned out to be an enemy? These types of updates just hint at something which happened in life, but get a number of people to ask “Who did what to you?”

The Best of the best: “A Whole lot of Nothing”

Example: “Just got home,” “about to shower!” “My dog chewed my sandals while I was in the shower!!!” “Still wet from the shower. ‘bout to eat. Yummmmm!” “This chicken tastes funny”
Who cares if your chicken tastes funny?! Unless the updater is giving an up-to-the-minute account of their current adventure in a dense rain forest as they fight Anaconda while the fate of mankind hangs in the balance, then they probably shouldn’t be concerned with informing us of their every action.

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