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Minggu, 03 Juni 2012

Top 10 Most Dangerous Airlines

Comparison of the statistics of accidents is difficult because the companies have different number of years for functioning. Most of the time they are flying with a different intensity and different number of passengers transported.

Nevertheless, the U.S. edition Askmen Taking as a basis the ratio of the number of flights to the number of accidents, and taking into account only those carriers that make transcontinental flights, separated the most dangerous passenger airlines in the international market.

10. Garuda Airlines

Until recently, the Indonesian national carrier was so bad that in 2007 it was even prohibited from flying to EU countries. However, a couple of years later, the ban was lifted, and now Garuda successfully flies to Amsterdam and many Asian cities. Moreover, earlier this year the company awarded the title of “most significant breakthrough in quality.” Nevertheless, statistics of accidents states – four air crashes that have occurred since the company liners, killed 431 people. Most fatal crash happened in 1997 when caught in a trailing smoke from forest fires, plane crashed into a mountain, killing 234 passengers.

Flights: 2 million. Crash: 4. Died: 431.

9. Thai Airways

This year, the largest Thai carrier is celebrating its 50 anniversary. During its existence, the company has been honored with numerous awards for the quality of passenger service. In 2006, Thai Airways has received the prize “Best Crew” and “Best Airline of the world.” In 2007, it was nominated in the category of “Best Airline of the Year ”. In addition, the World Health Organization awarded “Thai Airways’ for best hygiene on board. But in the 1980′s and 1990′s flying on board of this airline was quite dangerous, as incidents haunted it, one after another. The biggest occurred in a flight from Kathmandu in 1992, when the airliner crash killed 113 people.

Flights: 1.98 million. Crash: 4. Died: 352.

8. Avianca

Avianca boasts the longest history of flight in the Western Hemisphere. The first carriage, it began to perform at the dawn of aviation in 1919. The company currently has the most modern fleet in South America, but its reputation was severely marred by several incidents. In the 80 years of airliners airplanes have been chosen for the attacks of the Colombian drug traffickers. To the sad list a plane crash in Madrid was added killing 181 passengers.

Flights: 1.47 million. Crash: 4. Died: 500.

7. Pakistan International Airlines

This state carrier of Pakistan was established in 1955 and now flies to 25 countries. Despite the fact that the company was established with the birth of the state, it has always tried to keep pace with the times and follow the latest trends in the airline industry. For example, PIA became the first airline in Asia, in a park of which there were jets. However, incidents involving airliners PIA has happened a lot. The most fatal of them killed 167 people in 1992, when the plane crashed into a mountain due to poor visibility.

Flights: 1.43 million. Crash: 5. Died: 440.

6. Egyptair

The largest airline flies to the African continent more than 70 destinations worldwide, annually transporting about 10 million people. Alas, since the 70′s the company pursued a series of mishaps that occurred as the fault of the terrorists, and as a result of errors of pilots. The biggest tragedy, which killed 217 people, occurred over the Atlantic Ocean. Transcript of “black boxes” then led investigators to the unequivocal conclusion about the guilt of what happened putting the blame on crew commander.

Flights: 1.07 million. Crash: 4. Died: 402.

5. Kenya Airways

The airline was established in 1977 to meet the increasing demands of tourism industry of the country. And although it accounted only two plane crashes, statistics are alarming since it has not done that many of operations. In addition, two incidents occurred in the past 10 years, and both during night flights. In 2000, Kenya Airways plane crashed into the Atlantic Ocean, killing 169 people, and in 2007 another airliner airlines crashed in a swamp, killing 114 passengers.

Flights: 450 000. Crash: 2. Died: 283.

4. Philippine Airlines

Established in 1941, the Philippines state carrier made to the list of dangerous airlines solely because of the unfortunate coincidence. If it had not taken a liking to flights of terrorists, Philippine Airlines could boast of an impeccable past. However, during the 70-year history of the company’s planes blew up at least three times and once the plane was seized by terrorists. Fortunately, despite a large number of incidents of people in them died a little. Highest number of deaths, 36 people, was when the plane broke up in the air due to bomb exploded in the toilet.

Flights: 1.18 million. Crash: 6. Died: 107.

3. Iran Air

Before the revolution of 1979 the airline was the official carrier of the country, but then things began to go get worse. It reduced the number of flights to many international destinations and in the end, this year the European Commission forbade it to fly to EU countries. The reason for this was found sufficient. Over the past 10 years the company has suffered three crashes (the one without casualties). But the biggest disaster occurred in 1988 and immediately claimed the lives of 300 people.

Flights: 970 000. Crash: 5. Died: 708.

2. China Airlines

Chinese national carrier is actually based in Taiwan and is one of the largest in Asia. For unclear reasons, it is with these airlines that a large number of incidents occurred causing major casualties. The most serious accident occurred in 2002 during the voyage Taiwan-Hong Kong and killed 225 people. Then, all blamed on too old technique, and the airline promptly got rid of this type of aircraft. Now the average age of the fleet of the company is 7 years. Also interesting is the fact that China Airlines has a few years unsolved problems concerned the lack of pilots’ communications during flights,especially passing over the territory of the Czech Republic. For example, last year because of the alarm raised by Air Force fighter jets of the BBC countries.

Completed flights: 910 000. Crash: 6. Died: 763.

1. Cubana Airlines

Cubana Airlines was established in 1929 and is one of the first commercial airlines in the world. The national carrier has a fleet of Liberty Island, in the mass, consisting of “Antonov” and “Ilyushin” inherited from the time of the Soviet Union. So a huge number of accidents are expected to take place. Despite the fact that Cuban authorities are currently engaged in work to replace liners, and the latest incident in the airline occurred in 1999, yet it is worth considering, choosing it as a carrier.

Completed flights: 320 000. Crash: 8. Died: 404.

Sources:  askmen.com

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