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Senin, 18 April 2011

Game Of Thrones Review

Game Of Thrones Review - We must first say that the excitement is for good reason. Based on the best selling George RR Martin, and beloved novel series, A Song of Ice and Fire, the books have sold over seven million copies worldwide, won countless awards and hit the top of the list of the New York Times bestsellers, so no surprise that HBO saw the potential in it. But there is a possible drawback - the fantasy genre has not done traditionally and tellybox. A Game of Thrones is doing better? 

From the first couple of episodes, I recognize that just might. With a narrative that jumps right into the action, we are introduced to the seven kingdoms of the west, and things - both human and supernatural - that threaten their peace. In the far north, beyond the wall that protects the kingdoms, walkers Wight - reanimated corpses - old fairy tales are moving. Meanwhile, King Robert Baratheon (Mark Addy) travel to Winterfell to ask your trusted friend Eddard Stark (Sean Bean) to rule at his side, while in the south, the last remaining heir of the previous dynasty, Viserys Targaryen , Daenerys sells her sister bought an army and regain his crown.

With so many characters, plots, places and background to present concerns to the Game of Thrones was always that the series would be confusing. However, the filmmakers have found the perfect balance, introducing the world of the west at a leisurely pace, while the continuous movement throughout history. The show's production values ​​are the key, not only because it looks so good (and it looks amazing), but because every kingdom is given its own distinct visual identity, the wall is sad and miserable, Winterfell is dark and sad, King's Landing is lush and green, while Pentos in the south is exotic and vibrant. The series' complex mythology is woven into everything from characters dressed in their accents, all of which have been carefully designed to tell us more about our heroes and villains that any long monologue ever could. 

That said, the concept of heroes and villains is not really relevant here. Regardless of your environment, Game of Thrones is ultimately a story of humanity. The story is based on the actors' ambition, greed and lust, giving Game of Thrones realism that helps you rise above the usual costume historical dramas. Each character has a dark side and the cross, intentions or alliances are clear giving a nice background unpredictable quality. It is clear from the outset that each of the large cast of characters has a journey to pursue, but if they come to the end of the season is unknown.


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