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Sabtu, 30 April 2011

Pacquiao vs Mosley Fight Predictions

The Pacquiao vs Mosley fight is fast approaching and many world boxing fans are already eager to see who wins in the mega fight. Watch Pacquiao vs Mosley fightLive online on May 7th, 2011 at watch-pacquiao-vs-mosley-live.blogspot.com to see if your bet to win really stands out during the mega boxing match.
As the date gets near, a lot of predictions coming from almost everywhere have spread and most of them favor Manny Pacquiao to win on the said fight. Some say that Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao, the Filipino pride and the Eighth time World boxing Champion, is going to knock out Shane Mosley without even reaching the eighth round. This prediction was also agreed upon by Coach Freddie Roach when he said that he thinks Pacquiao will be the first boxer to knock out Mosley.
Meanwhile, according to Rich Thomas, Speed isn’t everything, but speed plus power is pretty close, and Pacquiao has both of that. Obviously, he favors Pacquiao more than Mosley and he even said that the more Mosley tries, the more he will get tagged. Watch Pacquiao vs Mosley Fight Live to see fi this prediction will really happen.
In other news, Scott Levinson also gave his views about the upcoming mega fight by saying that speed, being a longtime hallmark of Mosley’s game just might be his weakness at this late stage of his career. Meanwhile, Jake Emen stated that a fight between prime incarnations of Mosley and Pacquiao at either 135 or 147 lbs will be phenomenal. He also added that Pacquiao won’t be able to take Shane out, but the accumulation of punishment will leave Shane humbled, broken down and altogether battered after a full 12 rounds.
I guess they have already spoken. We might have our own views as to the upcoming mega fight but I suggest that you just watch Pacquiao vs Mosley Fight Online to see the actual fight and discover if your own predictions also happened.

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