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Rabu, 27 April 2011

New Kids On The Block Star Gets Kidney For A Fan

New Kids on The Block Star Donny Wahlberg gives back to his long time fans.  You might be thinking yeah right he sings a song for someone, not this time he helped a Tennessee women get a kidney.
Bobbette Miller needed a kidney transplant and when Wahlberg heard he jumped into action.  Wahlberg age 41 now can hardly be called a kid but used Twitter to help find a suitable donor for Ms. Miller.  After hearing of the problems she was having from her blog and receiving many tweets about the illness he re-tweeted it to his fan based, now over 183,000, and sure enough a suitable donor came forward.
Abbie Vicknair a close friend of Miller’s started the process by sending the information to Wahlberg and within two hours Donnie got the message out to his entire followers list.  Miller is now scheduled to undergo a transplant in June.  Vicknair never expected this when she began following New Kids on the Block star a few months ago.
Although the New Kids On The Block have not been too popular lately they gained huge fame in 1980′s with hits like “You Got The Right Stuff” and really were the forerunners in the boy band sensation that swept the nation.  Leading the way for groups like “Backstreet Boys” and ” ‘N Sync”.
New Kids On The Block will begin touring in May with the Backstreet Boys, hopefully this random act of kindness was for Bobbette Millers sake and not for a little hype to kick the tour off.

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